Saturday, June 9, 2012

Well today was wedding ring day, we arrived at the jewellers with the thoughts of picking up Laura's ring and making a simple order for mine, what followed was a full on master class in ring design, metallurgy, 3d design software and tales of gilts vs bonds... The result... 1 ring in a packet in a safe (Laura's), 1 ring on order and the purchase of some really cosy looking socks while I idled away an hour or so while Laura was fitted for her bridesmaids dress for our other big wedding event this year...

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Today we have spent most of the day looking at suits for Paul, Dave and Andy. In fact i think that both Paul and i could speak at length about the smallest of design and colour differences of most of the suits available in Preston. We also had a brief flirt with a different colour scheme before skipping back to our original thoughts. 

Jet2 have emailed me to say we can now checkin online for our february flights as virtual check in desks are now open! It is all starting to get exciting now. We just have to email Magda (our Prague contact) back to arrange the food tasting, venue visits, hair trial, accommodation, transfer details ............................ the lis seems endless!

I think tomorrow we will have to look at our emails and make (another) list!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sorry it has been a while, we have had some time off blogging for christmas!

Christmas was great as we got to see lots of our friends and family and tell them about our wedding plans. I collected passport details off the Cheadle branch of Paul's family and shared dress/hair/flower ideas with various family members. Nanny (Jayne) and Lindsay told us that Jack is very excited about going on 2 big aeroplanes next year!

Tonight i have managed to book the hotel for the February trip to visit the venues so we will actually be able to see, taste, touch and hear the places we will be hiring in August.

It's all becoming a bit more real now :)


Saturday, December 17, 2011

I am just off to the hairdressers in Morecambe today to have my roots done for christmas. I am not sure she going to be too impressed as i currently have vivid pink streaks in my hair which are notoriously difficult to remove from blonde hair without achieving a ginger tinge. Whilst there is nothing wrong with ginger (ask Milo) it really doesn't suit me - speaking from experience!

So Rach has near enough 8 months to sort it out before the big day. Let the hair preparations begin.............................................................................

Friday, December 16, 2011

Suits you Sir !

Well this weekend sees the first Groom's shopping trip.... Off with Dave to look at some suits... Then no doubt it will be trawling the catalogues/shops/Internet to try and decide on a ring... Hmmm to bling or not to bling... That IS the question.....

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Well it has been a crazy week or so and lots has happened since i have last blogged so here are the highlights:

I have bought my wedding dress! Obviously it is a surprise so i wont reveal any details except it was the first shopping trip that my mum and dad and i went on when i happened upon 'the one'! - We were only looking to get an idea of styles!!!! To be honest we had a strange start to the trip as Andy and Brenda's train was cancelled due to the bad weather and i drove down from a trip in Edinburgh with gale force winds. Then we had to rearrange our second appointment because everyone was late arriving due to the weather. I decided that i didn't like the look of the weather or the last shop and suggested we head home early but my mum convinced me to go have a look and there was my dress along with a lovely one for Brenda's "Mother of the Bride" outfit. The whole day was peppered with coffee and deliberations and rounded off with a lovely Italian meal just in time to pick Paul up off the train and go home happy.

The s'save the date' cards have been sent out  and we have heard from almost everyone about the arrangements for the wedding. I have managed to book the flights for 35 so far. We are waiting to hear from the Bristol travellers and then i am all done for flights. To be honest i wont be too sad if i don't see another JET2 booking form in a while. It has been a bit crazy trying to co-ordinate it all and we have had a few changes of plan (Vicky's boss not letting her come and there not being enough Sunday return flights are two of the minor details now ironed out!) but i think we are pretty much sorted for air travel.  My Auntie Nicky and co. have decided to extend their summer holiday road trip to France and will be incorporating our wedding into their trip so if you see them on an Autoban/any other type of European Motorway give them a wave!!!

Most people were incredibly excited about the trip as very few people have visited Prague before, our chosen destination for our nupitals. Unfortunately though there are a few that will not be able to make it which is always going to be disappointing. I am sure there will be lots of pictures though!

Paul, Laura, Brenda, Andy & Jayne will be finalising the finer details in a trip over to Czech Republic in early February which is only 48 days away as my JET2 account keeps telling me!

I am off now as i need to check that Brenda managed to pick up a passport application for my Grandma (!) but i am sure it wont be long before i have more details to update you all.


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Wedding Plans - It's Early Days..................

We have finally settled (after much debate) on Prague, Czech Republic as the destination for our wedding. We visited Prague in 2008 and fell in love with the architecture, quirky buildings and romantic skyline. Paul's suggestion of looking into Prague as a place to get married seemed perfect and we have found a number of venues which fit perfectly with our idea of our dream day. A few emails to Katka (our wedding co-ordinator) later and we have a provisional booking for August 2012. How exciting!!!